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  Award winning secret artist Johnny Impossible from Hawaii will be showcasing his art in the world's only secret art gallery "The Gallery In The Clouds" here in Tucson.  Come visit and enjoy a spectacle that you will never forget.

​  Located in "UFO ALLEY" (the intersection of W Bopp Rd & S San Joaquin Rd) where numerous UFO sightings have occurred you will find "The Gallery In The Clouds."  But please don't forget first you have to make an appointment with Keoni Lupia who will point you in the right direction on how to get to the gallery. 

  This is a rare event that will be more than just a gallery that shows paintings.  In fact there will be interactive art.

​  You will have a chance to be in a comedic video with Keoni that you can share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever, and have access to a beautiful chessboard where you can rumble against a chess foe.  There is even a large scale lucky painting that you can stand on and have a picture taken with your lover to bring you luck in your relationship. 

​  Paintings will be up on the walls as well; Johnny has beautiful conversational art, it's art you can talk about.

​  This is one stop in the International Art Tour which is expected to include the LA Coliseum, Madison Square Garden and The Louvre in the near future. 

The gallery's appointment hours are:

​Monday thru Sunday 10:00am to 9:00pm

Call now or email us to make an appointment at:

Studio: 520-306-9231

​Cell:   808-429-9380


"​ has conversational art, it's art you can talk about."


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​​​​​Here are a few facts about the artist Johnny Impossible that you didn't know:

  • Did you know that Johnny Impossible would be one of the Princes of Hawaii if the old monarchy still existed?

  • ​Johnny Impossible was born on October 28th which is the feast day of Saint Jude who is known as "The Saint Of The Impossible."  That's where Johnny got his nickname !

  • ​Did you know that Johnny Impossible's Art influenced a couple of Hollywood's biggest movies and he even wrote the premise for one that was nominated for best picture?

  • ​Did you know that Johnny wrote the premise for one of America's longest running hit television shows during the writers strike?

  • Did you know that Johnny Impossible met and spoke with two of the Presidents of the United States?

  • ​Did you know that one of Johnny Impossible's ideas to contain the water levies in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina was used to contain the nuclear waste in Japan after the Fukushima meltdown?

  • ​Did you know Johnny frequently played chess with Bobby Fischer in New Jersey when he was a little boy in the 80's?

  • Did you know that Johnny Impossible is an award winning artist who has his art displayed in the homes of some of the world's most famous art collectors and celebrities?